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Expanding the future of wellness

Uniting Service Providers with Suppliers, Products, and Expertise 

At the Touchless Wellness Association, our mission is to provide expertise to expand awareness, and the development of Wellness. Leading the understanding, creation and execution of touchless products, services, and experiences.


We are committed to supporting businesses that provide products and services aimed at enhancing individuals' overall wellness, facilitating recovery, promoting restoration, and fostering rejuvenation.

By maintaining a strong commitment to continuous learning and providing steadfast encouragement, our goal is to motivate our members as they strive to establish thriving ventures within the wellness industry.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we work towards creating a brighter and healthier future together.

Thank you to our Founding Sponsors

Want to become a Member?

Join The Touchless Wellness Association to gain access to our exclusive directory containing a range of businesses all offering the very best in touchless wellness products and equipment. 

Are you a Supplier?

The Touchless Wellness Association would love for you to join us in offering the very best in touchless wellness products and equipment to our Members. 

Touchless Elements

Different touchless modalities encompass a variety of contact-free approaches and technologies designed to enhance well-being, encompassing practices such as heat therapy, halotherapy, light therapy, flotation therapy, muscle stimulation and more.

Head over to our Members Area to find suppliers and consultants for each category.

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 Finnish Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Russian Banya, Soft Sauna, Herbal Sauna, Steam Room, Hammam and more….


Cryotherapy, Ice bath, Plunge Pools, Bucket Showers, Ice Caverns, Snow Rooms and more…

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Red Light Therapy, Light Beds, Photodynamic Light Therapy, Infrared Therapy


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Floatation Therapy, Kneipp Walk, Experience Showers, Foot Baths, Watsu Pool, Onsen Pool, Vitality Pool

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Heated Lounger, Wellness Lounger, Experience Lounger, Massage Chair, PEMF Mat, EMS Mat, Dry Float


Guided Meditation, Binaural beats, Facilitated Sound, Sound Journey, Vibroacoustic, Visualization, Sound Healing


Halotherapy, Floatation Therapy, Speleotherapy, Balneotherapy

10000 meters above sea Level, silence an

Breathwork / Breathing, Vibration, Scanning & Reporting, Compression, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Strategic Partners & Associations

United, we amplify our collective strength and become better together

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